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ICANN: Request for Proposal for Global Consumer Survey
ICANN Updates Specification 13 Process and Application Form
.BAR - Over 1,200 Registrations On Day One of General Availability
Domain Names Could Include Armenian Alphabet Starting Next Year
Microsoft Files UDRP Complaint For 26 Office-Related Domain Names
.SCOT Pioneer Domains Go Live As Independence Referendum Pushes Scottish Identity
EU Continues Solid Growth With Registrations Increasing 2.2% To 3.8m In Q1
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Generic Chinese Domain Name         Free trial! Register one simplified Chinese domain, get three free!
.中国(.cn) .公司 .网络 select all
International Chinese Domain
E.g.: www.时代互联.com  
.com .net .biz .cc .tw
.sh .io .cn .tm .tv
.tel .wang .pw .asia select all
HK Chinese Domain         .HK Register one simplified Chinese domain, get one traditional Chinese domain for free.
.香港 .公司.香港 .网络.香港 select all
Online Chinese Domain Conversion     Free online conversion between Chinese domain and punycode
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Product Price Example Buy
中文.cn 17.96 /yr 时代互联.cn Buy Now
中文.asia 2.6 /yr 时代互联.asia Buy Now
中文.公司/ 中文.网络/中文.中国 47.96 /yr 时代互联.中国 Buy Now
.com/ .net 42.96 /yr 时代互联.com Buy Now
中文.香港 34 /yr 时代互联.香港 Buy Now
公司.香港 / .网络.香港
45.69 /yr 时代互联.公司.香港 Buy Now
.tw 51.96 /yr 时代互联.tw Buy Now
.biz 42.96 /yr 时代互联.biz Buy Now
.cc 46.16 /yr 时代互联.cc Buy Now
.tv 58.96 /yr 时代互联.tv Buy Now
.tm (trade market domain) 1600 /10yrs 时代互联.tm Buy Now
.sh 85.15 /yr 时代互联.sh Buy Now
.io 85.15 /yr 时代互联.io Buy Now
.ac 85.15 /yr 时代互联.ac Buy Now
.tel 29 /yr 时代互联.tel Buy Now
   Chinese Domain Service Introduction
Chinses Character Domain Registration

$ 42.96 /yr
Say goodbye to English letter, and experience the popular Chinese domain.
New network logo benefits Chinese.
Easy native language entering,
Clear and easy to be remembered.
Connect with internet, no longer blocking.
.cn Domain Registration

$ 47.96 /yr
Protect your brand equity, and build up your on-line image.
Common Chinese domain suffix, .中国 and .cn are the same.
Register one common simplified Chinese domain, get one same traditional Chinese domain for free.
For example: if you register "时代互联.中国 ", you can get the two below domains.
時代互聯.中国   、  时代互联.中国
   Chinese Domain is new international standard of internet access.

.com, .net and .cn domains support IETF technology, which enable you to freely surf the net even if you are not good at English. On March 8, 2003, IETF officially issued three multi-lingual International Domain Name (IDN) Technology Standards, RFC3490, RFC3491, and RFC3492, which formed current IDN technology system regulation with the former issued RFC3454. Now, you can visit websites simply by typing Chinese address, no matter whether you install the plug-in or not. (For better surfing experience, we suggest you installing the Chinese domain plug-in).