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Search different domain names at a time, saving your time to win more business opportunities.
Except the first year price promotion, the renew price as the same as follow.
Redemption price is 300USD per one.
Bulk Search

International Domain

Price Remark
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 9.99 /yr Ext: .com/ .net/ .org/ .biz
e.g.: todayisp.com | Greencn.com
(Discount for years registration!)
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$ 8.5 /yr Ext: .cn/ .com.cn/ .net.cn/ .org.cn/ gov.cn CN Domain>>
e.g.: now.cn | ubn.cn | uvip.cn
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$ 4.4 /yr

Ext: .pw
e.g.: eranet.pw | baidu.pw

[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 30 /yr Ext: .co
e.g.: now.co | ubn.co | uvip.co
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 12.9 /yr Ext: .hk/ .com.hk
meaning: Hong Kong domain name
e.g.: zol.hk | 136.hk | 137.hk
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 45.16 /yr Ext: .tw
e.g.: ubn.tw | 263.tw | zol.tw
$ 61.56 /yr Ext: .com.tw/ .idv.tw/ .org.tw
e.g.: ibm.com.tw
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 19.99 /yr E.g.: todayisp.asia
[Details]   [Buy Now]
$ 46.16 /yr Meaning: commercial company domain name
e.g.: myqq.cc | vqq.cc | 17173.cc
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 9.99 /yr Meaning: information domain name
e.g.: webhosting.info | 51cto.info
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 20.99 /yr
Meaning: WAP for mobile domain name
e.g.: sohu.mobi | epop.mobi
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 28 /yr Meaning: the United States or us domain name
e.g.: google.us | hao123.us
[Details]     [Buy Bow]
$ 11.99 /yr Meaning: international top level domain name, personal domain name
e.g.: myfile.name | 9you.name
[Details]     [Buy Bow]
$ 29 /yr Ext: .tel
meaning: telephone domain name
e.g.: Hotels.tel | LargeCo.tel | Emma.tel
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 41.69 /yr Meaning: me, personal domain name
e.g.: love.me | qiu.me
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 74.69 /yr Meaning: Indian domain name
e.g.: google.in
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 235.99 /yr E.g.: ctrip.travel | chinatrip.travel
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 361.96 /yr E.g.: bmwgroup.jobs | att.jobs
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 3.8 /yr E.g.: bmwgroup.cn.com | att.cn.com
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 4.8 /yr E.g.: horse.website | cooking.website
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 12 /yr E.g.: double.click | newitem.click
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ 10.7 /yr E.g.: start.press | booking.press
[Details]     [Buy Now]
$ /yr E.g.: newwork.trade | carparts.trade
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Chinese Domain Price Remark  
Chinese International
$ 42.96 /yr
Chinese National
$ 47.96 /yr E.g.:中文.cn/.中国/.网络/.公司
中文.HK $ 34 /yr

E.g.: 汇丰银行.hk | 友邦保险.hk /


中文.BIZ $ 42.96 /yr E.g.: 时代互联.biz | 口碑网.biz
中文.CC $ 46.16 /yr E.g.: 时代互联.cc
中文.TV $ 58.96 /yr E.g.: 时代互联.tv
中文.TM $ 1600 /10yrs E.g.: 时代互联.tm
中文.SH $ 85.15 /yr E.g.: 时代互联.sh
中文.IO $ 85.15 /yr E.g.: 时代互联.io
中文.AC $ 85.15 /yr E.g.: 时代互联.ac
中文.TW $ 51.96 /yr E.g.: 时代互联.tw
VDNS Advanced
VDNS Global

  • Private registration protect the security of your information
  • Reduce advertising mails
  • Prevent identity theft
  • Prevent telephone nuisance
  • Prevent fraud
  • Prevent web spider
  • Prevent the domain name from being transferred or being traded