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TODAY MAIL Mail client support for mobile phone
 Today Mail
  Buy guide
Step 1:Customize product
Step 2: Bind a domain
Step 3: Purchase          successfully
Step 4: Make payment and          activate it
·99.8% antivirus rate
·Real time update antivirus  engine
·Own Anti-SPAM engine
·Global multicast and multiple ·forwarding server
·Sub account email monitoring  function
·10G bandwidth data center,  carrier class enjoyment
·Multi language interface  intelligent switch
·Customizable mailbox home  page
·HTML editing support
·Multi domain split space
·SSL encryption transmission
·Mobile mail
Eranet G power E-mail,mass space,Infinite storage
  Step 1:Booking
Model:   G-Level Business MailboxG-Level Business Mailbox  

G-Level Standard MailboxG-Level Standard Mailbox    
Size:     MB
* Must be multiples of 50MB and not less than 250MB
POP Accounts:   20
POP Accounts:  
VIP Functions:    Support mobile mail,free to forwarding mail, monitoring

  Please select a host close to your working place. SpeedTest
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