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 Global Free Products Consulting Hotline
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The requirements of the Clients:
 1. Being connected with the Internet; Microphone and voice box, earphone   orother audio equipments.  
 2. If there's no voice equipment, you can also make communication in wordsthrough the dialogue box.
 User Guide:
.You can dial the Global Free Products Consulting Hotline that is researched and developed by Today's Network   independently without purchasing network telephone or downloading any  software.

.Your computer is suggested to set up some basic equipment in order to obtain a necessary communication.   Please make sure your computer is connected successfully with the Internet,while being set up some   pronounceable equipments, such as sound box, headphone,microphone.

.When the button above turns green, i.e. ,indicating that you can use this Free Hotline right now.When the   button above turns red, i.e. , indicating that the line is busy, please redial  later.

.Whenthe button above turns brown, i.e., indicating that the network perhaps fails. Please check yournetwork   connection, renew and redial.

.At present, our company's.phpwork telephone is used in consulting only; it's non-profitable for any other uses.