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 What is .lgbt Domain?
.lgbt domain name registrationLGBT is an acronym for Transgender (Lesbians), gay men (Gays), bisexual persons (Bisexuals), and transgender people. In 1990s, the word "LGBT" came into being and became popular because of the fact that the word "gay community" could not be fully embodied. [1] In modern terms, the word "LGBT" attaches great importance to the cultural diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity. In addition to the narrow sense of homosexuality, bisexual or transgender groups, it can also be widely used to represent all non heterosexual people. In addition, there are people with the letter "Q" in the words of the rear, on behalf of the queer (Queer) and / or the gender identity of a suspicious person (Questioning), which is "LGBTQ". Nowadays, LGBT has been accepted and adopted by many LGBT groups and LGBT media in many English speaking countries, and has become a very popular usage. However, the use of "LGBT" is not entirely without controversy. Part of the bisexual people (Intersexuality) consider themselves to belong to the LGBT group, and thus support the use of "LGBTI". There are also individual groups who do not consider themselves to be associated with other ethnic groups covered by LGBT. It is based on the idea of gay separatism that men and lesbians should be separated from other groups as another group, on the grounds that transgender and transgender people are different from LGB. Some people think that these terms are too politically correct, trying to put a variety of ethnic groups into the gray area, which means that the problem of the mainstream ethnic groups have been given priority equality considerations.

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Registration Rules:
1. Only with English letters (a-z, case sensitive), numbers (0-9), and '-' (English hyphen),
     no blank space or special characters (!,$,&, ? , etc).
2. Can not begin or end with '-'.
3. No more than 63 letters.
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