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    Domain Introduction
.CN (China)
.COM (Commercial)
.CO (Commercial)
.DE (Germany)
.JP (Japan)
.KR (Korea)
.NET (Network)
.ORG (Organization)
.GOV (Government)
.TW (Taiwan)
.INFO (Information)
.IO (IN/Out)
.MOBI (Mobile)
.NAME (Personal)
.BIZ (Business)
.AC (Academic)
.WS (Website)
.TRAVEL (Travel)
.TM (TradeMark)
.CC (Company)
.TV (Television)
.TEL (Telephone)
.JOBS (Jobs Market)
.ASIA (Asia)
.HK (HongKong)
.SH (ShangHai)
.US  (USA)
.LA (Los Angeles)
.LC (St. Lucia)
.VC (St. Vincent)
.BZ (Belize)
.AG (Antigua and Barbuda)
.HN (Honduras)
.IN (India)
.MN (Mongolia)
.ME (Montenegro)
.SC (Seychelles)
 What is .xianggang Domain?
.香港 域名致力推动全球香港所有人线上线下统一的域名! Hongkong overseas is a domain name or domain name suffix is overseas, Hongkong. Hongkong. His domain name is the name of a computer or computer group consists of a string of dot separated name consisting of Internet, used in electronic computer in the azimuth mark when transmitting data (sometimes also refers to the geographic location). Price: 176 yuan /1 years Domain name: Hongkong Registration case: SONY., Hongkong

The Advantages of .ca Domain:
1. 1, provide only English letters (A-Z, case insensitive), numbers (0-9), and "-" (in English, the conjunction number, that is, the middle line), you can not use spaces and special characters (such as,,,,, and so on).
2. 2, "-" can not be used as the beginning and end
3. no more than 63 characters in length
Price: $ 135 / yr  
Registering any domain here, get G level mobile mail box with discount price.
Example: todayisp.ca | greencn.ca
Registration Rules:
1. Only with English letters (a-z, case sensitive), numbers (0-9), and '-' (English hyphen),
     no blank space or special characters (!,$,&, ? , etc).
2. Can not begin or end with '-'.
3. No more than 63 letters.
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