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Fast: High-speed domain service
Stable: Earthquake-proof
VIP: Only for limited number of users
Powerful: Intergated with any function you need
Introduction of Global VDNS Version

VDNS(Visual Domain Name Server) is the latest developed domain name service system, based on our 7 years experience of Global Domain Management System. Eranet's VDNS Domain Management System is technically the most advanced in the world. It is much more powerful than other versions and easier to operate. Besides, it contains every function you may need, like adding unlimited domain names, multi-level domain names, etc.

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1、Servers are located in Telecom, Netcom, Hong Kong host houses.
Maybe you have been long in trouble caused by slow website visiting speed. Servers with Global VDNS management System servers locate in the host houses of Telecom, Netcom and Hong Kong. We provide you with more choices, and meanwhile solve the problem of slow visiting speed due to the connection of differents nets in the past.
2、Every server is only for a small number of distinguished users to enjoy the best service quality.
In order to provide the best domain name service, we have a strick control on the user number at every server. Global VDNS Management System is only for a small number of distinguised users at each server. We ensure that every server will work fast and stably, and provide your fast visiting to different websites.
3、Solve the problem of slowing down while visiting foreign websites.
In the past, foreign users cannot pay a visit to the foreign websits due to different problems. Now, Global VDNS Management System has totally solved this problem. You can enjoy a fast visit to any website all over the world.
4、Powerful and stable server with hard disk firewall.
Security is the most concern of users. Global VDNS has unique hard disk firewall function, which strongly protect the datas and defend the attack of DDOS, CC, etc. It also greatly enhances the stability and security of servers.
5、Faster domain name service.
Global VDNS Management System strengthens the TTL controllable technology, and operations to freely setup root domain, sub-domain, and TTL life age, which provide you faster domain service.
Global VDNS Function List
  • CNAME Direction
  • A Direction(IP Direction)
  • URL Forwarding
  • DIY URL Forwarding Title  
  • MX Direction
  • Real-time Direction Update
  • DNS Round Robin  
  • Unlimited Domain Service  
  • Chinese sub-domain(IDN)  
  • Overall Refresh
  • Single Direction Refresh
  • Multi-site Intelligent Synchronization  
  • Domain High-level Protection  
  • Independent Control Panel  
  • Sub-websites Support
  • Chinese sub-domain support
  • Intelligent Multi-lingual
  • WHOIS Real-time Udate
  • DNS Real-time Restart
  • Sub-domain search(When the domain number is more than 50)
  • GCDN Support
  • First to adopt SPF Technology in China
  • Dynamic Domain Support
  • More secure SSL encryption support
  • TTL Controllable Technology

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