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Foreign trade mail

International trade enterprise mailbox

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  • The industry's original special enterprise mailbox designed for foreign trade
  • 1+1 Domestic/Foreign Dual Mailbox System
  • Mail processing status at a glance
  • Dynamic password secures your safety
  • Active defense mechanism for phishing fraud
    • 1+1 Dual Mailbox, smooth sending & receiving for oversea companies
    • One account with two mailboxes, one is in foreign countries, and the other is in domestic. E-mails are sent and received without delay, and are not lost. Overseas visitings are faster.
    • Inquiry mails will not lost
    • Emails sent by overseas customers will be delivered directly to employees' mailboxes in foreign countries, completely eliminating the problem of losing overseas inquiry emails due to differences in domestic and foreign networks.
    • Oversea access speed enhanced 6 times
    • When employees travel abroad, they can directly use foreign networks to access foreign mail servers and enjoy localized fast access, which is 6 times faster than normal mailbox visits!
    • Dynamic password secures foreign trade company’s safety
    • Adopting independently developed Internet mail system that acquired the dual national security authentications, providing multiple security measures to protect your mailbox.
    • Bank level dynamic password
    • The password is randomly updated every 60 seconds, which is not predictable. The user needs to enter the correct email account password and mobile phone dynamic password at the same time to log in to the mailbox.
    • Triple email anti-counterfeiting technology
    • Ordinary enterprise mailboxes only support the industry-wide SPF anti-counterfeiting technology. By using "SPF+DKIM+DMARC" anti-counterfeiting technology, you can more effectively protect your mailbox security
    • Phishing email fraud alert
    • By accessing the world-leading Google security database (Google-safe-browsing), it intelligently filters out all fishing links and alerts users to reject fraud.
    • Customization on-demand, creating exclusive functions for foreign trade companies
    • Thinking details for foreign trade companies, develop more exclusive functions foreign trade employees to create a good communication environment and win more orders!
    • Timed sending for oversea time zones
    • According to the working hours of foreign customers, you can set the e-mail sending time in advance to ensure that your e-mail is topped so the customer shall pay attention to it at the first time.
    • Outgoing mail status query
    • Not only can you see if your e-mail arrives at the other party's mailbox, but you can also know whether the e-mail is viewed.
    • Word translation
    • With just one selection, the translation of related words will immediately appear, reading English, Japanese, Korean, French, German and Spanish mails will not be an obstacle.
    • Detailed craftsmanship, versatile functions
    • Basic functions:
    • Unlimited capacity, mail recall, attachment preview, group sending
    • Enterprise management:
    • Multi-domain supporting, mail monitoring, mail auditing, IP log-in strategy
    • Safety functions:
    • Recover for mal-deleting, mail encryption, screen lock, automatic forwarding reminder
    • Enterprise image:
    • Customization of dashboard, enterprise signature, enterprise letter feet, customization of system letter