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Apple execs reported meeting with Tesla's Elon Musk drives speculation

Tesla Motors' dynamic CEO Elon Musk is said to have met with the Apple executive in charge of mergers and acquisitions last year, and that's driving wild speculation today.
Everything is being rumored, from Apple bringing on the inventor because of his Steve Jobs-like vision to it bypassing the iWatch and Apple iTV to get into the business of selling electric cars.
However, you then realize that Apple mergers chief Adrian Perica met with Musk almost a year ago, according to the San Francisco Chronicle report.
It alludes to Apple being interested in buying the recently profitable Model S car maker, but offers no proof other than that's what usually happens in such "high-level meetings," so it must be true.
What is Tesla more likely up to?
There are plenty of other reasons that Apple and Tesla could be willing work together.
Musk recently announced that his company is creating the world's largest battery plant in the US. Apple could be interested in the lithium-ion batteries that come out of this "giga factory."
Tesla could also be added to the list of car manufacturers supporting the impending Apple's iOS in the Car project. So far there are a dozen confirmed automakers, and Tesla isn't one of them.
iOS in the Car is supposed to bring a familiar hands-free interface to the dash of vehicles so that drivers can control music, take calls and get directions without distraction.
There are a lot of commonalities between Apple and Tesla, and although speculation the two are interested in hitching a ride together, there's nothing concrete to suggest that just yet.