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How to set up a domain

First think up a name for your domain, and it can be just about anything, within reason. Next, visit one of the domain registration company websites, like Eranet.com  to name. Enter your domain name into the Search box and you will be told what TLDs (Top Level Domains .com, .co.uk, .TV etc) are available, and how much they cost. Once you have filled out the registration form and paid the fee you are ready to go. It normally takes a few days for the domain to become active and you can either set your email program to download messages sent directly to your domain name , or you can have messages sent to that address forwarded to the email address supplied by your current ISP. Email forwarding setup is in the online management menu for your domain account.

Domain names have the lowest price:
.cn.com domain only USD 1.99/year
.pw  domain        only USD 1.99/year
.asia domain      only USD 2.99/year
.com domain      only USD 9.99/year
.cn domain          only USD 17.96/year

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