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Dot Kiwi domain names in hot demand

New Zealanders have been quick to snatch up .kiwi domain names with 4600 activated since their general release on May 1.

New Zealanders around the world are now able to use their .kiwi domain name and Dot Kiwi says more registrations are coming in every hour.

Dot Kiwi says .kiwi domain names have been bought by individuals, bloggers, non-profit organisations and companies looking for a new way to represent their personality online.

One of the most recent companies to adopt a .kiwi for their website is the Mad Butcher. Chief executive Mike Morton says the word Kiwi has come to represent New Zealanders all around the world and it's not just about where we come from, it's about who we are.

Dot Kiwi chief executive Tim Johnson says this sentiment has been echoed by Kiwi organisations and individuals around the world.

"So far around 80% of domain names have been bought by organisations, but we are seeing more and more individuals buying domain names to use as their personal email addresses and websites," Mr Johnson said.

Dot Kiwi says the .nz domain communicates where a person or their business is geographically, but .kiwi tells them what kind of person or entity they are.

The domain names are sold for between $30 and $50 depending on what they are bundled with and are available from leading domain name registrars and resellers.

Domain names have the lowest price:
.cn.com domain only USD 1.99/year
.pw  domain        only USD 1.99/year
.asia domain      only USD 2.99/year
.com domain      only USD 9.99/year
.cn domain          only USD 17.96/year

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