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Cisco Partners with Dimension Data, Sungard AS, VCE, NetApp, and Others on Cloud Solutions

As it continues to expand its efforts around its cloud solution Intercloud, Cisco has announced several partnerships including Dimension Data and Sungard AS becoming Cisco Intercloud partners, and VCE and NetApp collaborating with Cisco on “Intercloud-ready” integrated infrastructure solutions.

In March, Cisco announced a $1 billion invest over the next two years in building a global cloud networkalong with Intercloud, a “cloud of clouds” solution designed to provide innovative private, public, and hybrid cloud architectures.

According to Cisco’s Tuesday announcement, Dimension Data and Sungard AS will be invest with Cisco to align their public cloud infrastructure to the Cisco Cloud architecture and deliver Cisco Cloud services to customers and resellers.

Cisco will be leveraging Dimension Data’s managed cloud platform and Software-as-a-Service solutions to deliver a suite of midmarket cloud services to its customers and resellers. They will also provide an infrastructure-as-a-service solution packaged with Cisco technology and software-as-a-service applications, including Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint. Dimension Data’s global cloud service is available via 10 worldwide data centers, plus an additional three locations by September.

Sungard AS is expanding its cloud infrastructure using Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure, and is on-track to become the first cloud provider to bring to market a Cisco ACI-based public cloud offering. Cisco will feature two Sungard AS cloud services in its service catalog: an IaaS offering for rapid hybrid cloud deployment, and a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service offering.

Systems integrator VCE has announced it will integrate Cisco’s Intercloud Fabric with Vblock Systems converged infrastructure. This will help customers better manage their private, hybrid and public cloud environments, and manage and migration workloads across heterogeneous environments while maintaining security policies.

NetApp plans to integrate its data management technology (Data ONTAP) with Intercloud. This will help provide secure, cross-cloud interoperability, and uniform control across workload locations, which will help in hybrid cloud scenarios.

Additionally, Johnson Controls has signed up to provide Cisco Cloud partners and customers computing capacity via its modular data centers. Accenture has licensed Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud software for the Accenture Cloud Platform to expand its cloud management and orchestration capabilities.

Cisco has also certified CDW and GTRI to manage and resell Cisco Cloud services, bringing its number of total channel partners to 175.

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