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Symantec Secure Site EV Certificate

A premier SSL solution to increase the trust of your website.。

Symantec Secure Site EV Certificate
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Extended Validation
1~5 working days
40-bit ~ 256-bit

Symantec Secure Site With EV can provide your website with not only Symantec, a symbol of security, and Norton's security seal, but also a green address bar, intuitively giving visitors a safe signal. Nothing can give visitors a sense of security more than the combination of these three signs. As long as you see these three signs, it means that consumption on this website is absolutely safe. Purchase of this SSL certificate is not so much a consumption as an investment. It is an important investment in the credibility of the website and the security of users' personal information.

Term Of Validity 1year 2years
Price $1134/year $2268/years
Number Of Protected Domain Up to 100 domains
SSL Certificate Brand
Warranty $1,750,000
SSL Certificate Type Website Certificate
Issuance 1~5 working days
Wildcard Not support
Number Of Authorized Server 1
Green Address Bar Not support
Use Website Type Extended Validation
Mobile Devices Support mobile devices such as mobile phone and tablet
Encryption Algorithm 40-bit ~ 256-bit
Compatibility Support 99.9% of computer and mobile browser and operating system
Reissue Unlimited Reissuance
SAN Support
Malware Scan Support
Vulnerability Assessment Support
Secure Signature Support
— Browser compatibility 9900% of resources —