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Dedicated Host
  ·Concept of Dedicated Series Host
  · Advantages of Dedicated Series Host
  ·VPS Products Brief Introduction
  ·VPS Products Function
  ·VPS Technology Principle
  ·VPS Technology Advantages
  ·VPS Products Features
VPS Services
  ·System Installation And Maintenance Standard
  ·VPS Solely Upgrades Ramdisk
  ·VPS Technology Value-added Services
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Eranet Hosting
Eranet is one of the largest hosting service providers in China, providing more than million enterprises with rapid, stable and safe hosting services.
Four improvements on dedicated host computer
Remote control is more convenient and more flexible Distribution of system resource is more adequate and effective
Service system is more concentrated and complete The ability of security monitoring is more powerful and stable
The advantages of dedicated host computer
High Cost-Effective  Gigh Isolation  High Security  High Autonomy  Gigh Controllability
System Installation and Maintenance Standards
1、Entirely support technology of virtualization operating system on Chinese Windows Server 2003
2、Support technology of virtualization operating system on Windows
3、Really realize achieve technology of virtualization operating system on zero downtime transfer

 The standards of software installation  
  Operating System Win2003   
  Web Server IIS6    
  Database Software SQL SERVER2000+SP4 install optionally
  FTP Software The IIS Comes FTP
  Decompression Software Winrar3.5  
  Remote Management tools Remote Desktop Connection  

 Usual Ports Configuration
 Windows 2003
 21 (FTP Service)
 80 (HTTP Service)
 443 (HTTPS)
 110,25 (MailServer)
 1433 (MSSQL Server)
 3389 (Remote Desktop Connection)
 4643(Port of VPS Web Management Tools)

 VPS installation standard
We only provide software installation services within the limits of products standards,except for any other services such as installation and maintenance beyond products standards.The softwares beyond standard range need to be installed,managed and maintained by users themselves.

 The Standards of Software Installation
 Eranent provides complete isolation between each VPS and each client, which ensures that nobody would influence or implicate other clients sharing with one physical server.Even the client has administrative authority. Eranent aims to minimizing any downtime for service providers and eliminating any problem and conflict between clients.

VPS Solely Upgrades Ramdisk
 VPS Solely Upgrades Ramdisk Fee
  VPS RAM add 128MB USD 60/month
  VPS RAM add 256MB USD 100/month
  VPS RAM add 512MB USD 260/month
  VPS Hard Disk add 5G USD 50/month
  VPS Hard Disk add 10G USD 80/month
  VPS Hard Disk add 20G USD 150/month
 add telecom independent IP An IP USD 100/month
VPS Technology Value-added Services
 VPS Technology Value-added Services Fee
  Reset/Regain VPS Administrator Password USD 100/Tmie
  Reset/Regain Administrator System USD 100/Tmie
  Reset/Regain Operating System USD 100/Tmie
  Increase Disk Partition USD 100/Tmie
  Regain all data/ specified data of VPS USD 200/Tmie