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Dedicated Host
  ·Concept of Dedicated Series Host
  ·Advantages of Dedicated Series Host
  ·VPS Products Brief Introduction
  ·VPS Products Application
  ·VPS Products Function
  ·VPS Technology Advantages
  ·VPS Products Features
VPS Services
  ·System Installation and Maintenance Standards
  ·VPS Solely Upgrades Ramdisk
  ·VPS Technology Value-added Services
Eranet Virtual Host
Eranet is one of the largest hosting service providers in China, providing more than millions of enterprises with rapid, stable and safe hosting services.
Four improvements on dedicated host computer
Remote control is more convenient and more flexible. Distribution of system resource is more adequate and effective.
Service system is more concentrated and complete. The ability of security monitoring is more powerful and stable.
The advantages of dedicated host computer
High cost-effective  High isolation  High security  High autonomy  High controllability
What is dedicated series host
    Dedicated series host is a high cost-effective production launched by Eranet which is settled to middle to high-end users. This series divides a physical server into many virtual dedicated hosts with advanced virtual technology. As an independent operate system, each dedicated host has its own file-system, RAM, IP address and so on. With it, users can control and allocate at their own will which is more convenient and freer than virtual host. In addition, dedicated series host computer provides professional Web-based management tool for users so that the users can enjoy independent machine and professional quality both.
The advantages of dedicated host computer
High cost-effective
Each dedicated host owns independent file-system, RAM, IP address and administrator rights. As for users, the dedicated host is nearly the same as independent server while its price just the same as high-end virtual host.
High isolation
With advanced virtual technology, dedicated hosts are isolated from each other so that they would not influence each other for system reason.
High security

The perfect virus detection and firewall system can guarantee the security of each dedicated host. As total isolation, the dedicated host would not be influenced by other host even though one dedicated host has been attacked or goes down. What’s more, users can allocate their dedicated host by adding necessary tools or functions at their own way.

High autonomy
Users can self-configure a host of special privileges, installation tools and features they need.
High controllability
On one hand, like independent server, dedicated host can be remote-controlled by remote control software. On the other hand, dedicated host provides Web-based control panel for users with which the users can manage their files, restart or cease the dedicated host.
Brief introduction on VPS TOP
Comprehensive support for Chinese Windows Server 2003 virtualization operating system technology
Supports both Windows and Linux virtual operating system technology
Realize the server virtual technology of zero downtime transfer
    With virtual server software, VPS establishes many tiny isolated servers on one physical server. No more operating system installation is needed because tiny VPS has its own operating system.The running and management of tiny VPS is nearly the same as independent server. VPS provides the highest service quality and ensures all resource would be dedicatedly owned by users. Therefore,VPS makes it possible for users to enjoy high service quality of independent server at low price of virtual server.
The function of VPS TOP
    VPS technology can distribute server resources by various ways.The resources on each virtual server are very different so that they can meet the needs of high-end clients.Establishing many tiny VPS on one physical server can ensure that all VPS resources would be dedicatedly owned by each other. VPS provide safe, reliable, and high-quality service for each high-end client.

It would be used on following aspects
Space of virtual host:
VPS work effectively for small and medium-sized enterprises, small web portal, individual studio and SOHO. Its larger dedicated resource and safe isolation increase the security of resource and data.
E-commerce platform:
The management of VPS is the same as those independent servers. VPS small and medium-sized service providers can lower the cost by building their own e-commerce and online trading platform.
Application platform:
The lowest price as well as the unique application program template of VPS can start deployment quickly.Both two reasons are why VPS becomes the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Data sharing platform:
The excellent isolation and security system is valuable for small and medium-sized enterprises and professional web portal to provide data sharing and download service with VPS. While can serve as department network application platform.
Online game platform:
VPS can serve as online game server due to low price, high quality and dedicated resource.
VPS technology principle characteristics TOP
    VPS is a product of virtualization and automation technology. VPS adopt virtualization technology of operating system which base on sharing operating system core. In this way, no more extra virtualization core process is needed that can effectively lower the virtualization resource depletion. Therefore,more virtualization servers can be realized through a physical server.Those VPS share hard disk, software limitation and management resource on maximum efficiency. Each VPS support independent restart, root access permission, user, IP address, RAM, files, application program, system library function and allocation files. VPS technology support Linux and Windows platform at the same time.
VPS technology advantages TOP
Support VPS products of both Linux and Windows platform
VPS is a series of products which support both Linux and Windows platform at the same time. VPS adopts virtual operating system technology so that every physical server can install from 50 to 200 VPS if its hard disk allowed. VPS is the best commercial product of virtualization server. VPS management tools are universal to both Linux and Windows , which makes it more convenient and easily to manage these  two operating systems.
Two isolations:realize zero downtime of server and guarantee VPS own resources
Why users prefer independent host service? The main reason is that.
The isolation between software and hardware
VPS realizes the isolation between software and hardware with adopting operating system virtualization technology which changes the usual attacked entry by hacker program and strengthens the security of server. In other words, VPS is valuable to shift from one server to another one. In fact, VPS is safer and more reliable than independent server. Due to operating system virtualization technology, VPS is completely isolated from hardware on bottom layer. It is convenient to open VPS server with operating system template and shift VPS server by drag-and- drop , which can truly realize server maintenance and zero downtime.
The isolation between clients
Each VPS has independent server resource, including drive, CPU, RAM, hard disk and internet I/O. Due to dynamic partition design, VPS realizes complete isolation between different clients. The isolation between clients ensures that each VPS is able to own its host resource without any interference even from other users on the same physical server.
Virtualization server is much safer than independent server. Bottom architecture changes attack nodes and prevents the attacks similar to DoS (denial of service).
VPS products features TOP
The isolation between clients:
Flexibility and directly control on VPS.Complete control over VPS—running application software and building customized configuration at random.
High security:
Higher security means higher service reliability.
Resource control and model:
Make sure users are offered higher quality service and resource. Idle host resources are allowed to use during the peak period. Get effort to provide a better service than independent host.
Template and application program:
Obtain new applications.Update operating system and application software in time to reduce security risk.
VZPP client control panel:
Self management and fault diagnosis tools: restart, repair, reset, backup,real-time monitor VPS running. Operating daily record and resource utilization statistical capabilities are helpful for administrator to discover and troubleshoot the faults.
Shift easily:
No need to stop service while upgrading and shifting. Service providers are almost able to meet all needs of hosting service from low to high.
Backup and recovery:
VPS possesses backup and recovery function.Many DS service plans cover the space for clients backup.